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Microsoft's excellent Xbox Wireless Controller is £30 after a £25 Black Friday price drop

Available in five colours and fully PC-compatible.

Microsoft's Xbox Series era Wireless Controller is one of the best options for PC gaming, and now it's down to £29.99 at Currys when you use the code FNDDGAMING and choose to collect. These controllers normally retail £54.99, making this a solid £25 discount!

This is one of the best early Black Friday PC deals we've spotted so far, and well worth picking up for games that benefit from controller input, like those in the racing, platformer, action and fighting genres. Of course, it's also an essential pickup if you like playing around with emulators, and of course works on two generations of Xbox consoles as well.

Five colour options are available at this discounted price, although some may sell out quicker than others. At present, you'll be able to take home blue, red, lime, white and black options, but not limited edition models like the 20th anniversary translucent controller we covered around this time last year.

So why this controller, rather than anything else? Well, at the price you're getting an incredible level of quality, plus labels that line up with pretty much all PC games by default - something you couldn't say of the Switch Pro controller or the Sony DualSense. The controller works out of the box via USB-C or Bluetooth, and there's always the option of the Xbox Wireless Adapter to add in low-latency wireless via Microsoft's proprietary Xbox Wireless protocol.

All in all, it's a solid pickup at this price, and comes heartily recommended!

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