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MicroSumo Machines: KarBoom

Grand Touch Rugby

We last (and indeed first) posted about Micromachines-meets-Sumo-wrestling-meets-foot-to-ball car combat arena game KarBoom back in 2011, and it's only just reached release status. My initial belief that it had taken all that time simply to add yellow-coloured cars into the game proved unfounded - in fact it's because KarBoom has seen three different engines during its development. Game engines, not car engines, you understand. It's now sitting pretty in indie fave Unity, and is available to purchase for real Earth monies right now. It also has a demo, like all games should.

Demo-wise you've got the option of a download or running it in your browser, like so. Basically, you are a car, and other people or some not especially sharp AI are also cars. You try and ram into each other, either gently or with a potentially suicidal charged shot, in the hope of pushing foes outside the arena, thus docking them a point. Like I say, it's Sumo with Micro Machines.

Sadly the game is local multiplayer only, which means you can have up to eight people trying to fit around a keyboard and as many gamepads as you can plug into your PC. Classic party game fare indeed, but I fear the lack of online play is going to hurt KarBoom. Looks like a giggle though, and just as soon as I can teach a cat, a baby and a Soundwave action figure how to use a keyboard, I'll be giving the multiplayer a go.

Here's what it looks like if you can't'/won't try the demo.

The game's out now, direct from Australian dev Jibb Smart or download services including Desura and Shinyloot, and costs $10 for PC, Mac or Linux flavours. I'm really sorry for not making snarky gags about Mac and Linux in this post, I've been awake since 4am and I want to die.

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