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Midnight Posting: Midnight Riders L4D2 - 

Oooh, interestinkosity. Let's go with Destructoid breaking the story. Those who have played Left 4 Dead's Dark Carnival level (i.e. Everyone but me, as I've been Modern Warfare-ing, a week behind the zeitgeist) will have been enamored with its stage-based conclusion. Well, the band who owns the stage in question - The Midnight Riders - have a website. And apparently - from the mouth of hive-mind out-brain Phill Cameron - there's an achievement for completing all six campaigns. But there's only five shipped with the game. Is there maths to be done? If so, do the maths. Since there's no footage currently available of whatever this is - and, Crikey, can you imagine the cry from the forums if it's paid-for-DLC - here's the video to Smart Dressed Man by ZZ Top...

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The best thing about Sharp Dressed Man is actually what ZZ Top consider being a sharp dressed man. Opening lyric: "Clean Shirt". Woah. A clean shirt, you say? You ladies man, you. I'm surprised it doesn't continue "Clean Shirt. Don't stink of piss. Girlies are gonna be loving this".

That said, that sounds a lot like my 20s.

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Left 4 Dead 2

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