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HOMM Sweet HOMM: Might & Magic Heroes VII Is Out

Here be dragons

Heroes of Might & Magic (or Might & Magic Heroes) is one of those series that has been mediocre long enough that people who remember The Good Old Days cock an eyebrow at the irregular new releases but aren't especially interested because to be honest they'd rather have a proper new King's Bounty: Armored Princess. I may be projecting. Just a touch. I'm talking about me there.

So oh, Might & Magic Heroes VII [official site] is out today, is it? If I could figure how young people do those little face pictures, I'd do one half-smiling and a bit hopeful but quite wary and honestly thinking mostly about tea. Youths, how do you do that?

For folks not beautifully wizened like myself, MMH mixes turn-based strategy where a hero roams the world collecting resources and artifacts while building an a stronghold and army, then battling in turn-based tactical action on square grids.

HOMM/MMH has changed hands many times over the years, with a fair few different developers and publishers. This latest is made by Limbic Entertainment, the folks behind Might & Magic X: Legacy, and published by Ubisoft. Yes, this does mean Uplay.

MMH7 is out on Steam and whatnot for - oof! - £40. I wouldn't say no to a demo, at that price. How is this one? Couldn't tell you. I know some of you folks have played the pre-order beta, though, so perhaps you can enlighten the rest of us? Also, could you tell me how to do that face I was talking about?

Thank you very much,
Alice xxxxxx

search google
find google
open google
computer look for google please, thank you
Alice xxxxxx

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