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Xtra, Xtra! Might & Magic X Out On XXIII/I/MMXIV

January: too cold, too dark, too long, to purposeless, altogether too Janny. How shall we light our darkest hour? Videogames, of course. One of the wee blighters that shall attempt to warm our chilled cockles in the earliest days of 2014 is Might & Magic X: Legacy, which resumes the first-person RPG series after an 11 year snooze. After a period of 'open development', it goes to full release on the 23rd.

I've never played a Might & Magic title (though I have played a lot of Heroes of Might & Magic titles) but this one tickles whatever the hell my fancy is. 'Fancy' sounds ruder the more I think about it. Turned-based, first-person, squad-based roleplaying? Yes please. I've enjoyed all the Going For A Walk games this year, but my mood now demands something altogether more intricate.

In theory, the open development process has seen fan feedback shape M&MXL (which just sounds like really big M&Ms, doesn't it?) into something better than it would have been, though if the hardcore have held too much sway it could just as easily have gone the other way. We shall see.

If you can't wait, you can still 'pre-order' the digital deluxe edition for immediate access to Act 1, via Steam or Uplay, though by this late stage you really should just wait for reviews and Let's Plays before you splurge.

Here's a reminder trailer in the meantime.

Right, I'm off to 'do' Christmas. Pray for me.

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