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Mighty Vroombeasts: DTM Experience Demo

The Hockenheimring to rule them all

The DTM Experience site now has a demo for SimBin's next racing game. Google tells me DTM means "Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters", which is a great phrase to start the week on. "Tourenwagen" conjures up images of rickety wooden carts speeding around race tracks, and I'll admit I got a bit lost imagining that scenario: the cheering crowds, the stench of horse manure, the drivers in their branded cowboy hats climbing on top of their wagons, go faster stripes painted down the whip handles. Coincidentally, I also have a cold, and every medicine in my house is doing laps of my immune system. DTM is not about horses and wagons, but is about cars riding speedily around tracks. You can do that with the demo, and watch the trailer below.

The demo features the apparently legendary "Hockenheimring", though I looked and didn't find it mentioned anywhere in The Lord of the Rings. I think it might be a track. To make vroomy noises on that ring of legend, it also has the DTM AMG Mercedes C Coupé, the Audi RS 5 DTM, and the BMW-M3-DTM. Now I'm in my element: my dad had an Audi, so I know that is definitely a car. There are three difficulty levels: "Novice", "Amateur" and "Get Real+". Rather than being a pithy insult, Get Real+ will allow you to tweak cars to the DTM specifications.

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