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Minecraft Dungeons’ Fauna Faire update brings four-player co-op to its roguelike mode next week

An enchanting new merchant and a free level are coming too

Blocky action RPG Minecraft Dungeons sees the arrival of the mob-packed Fauna Faire, its third seasonal update, on October 19th. Today’s Minecraft Live stream showed more of what to expect from the new season of Minecraft Dungeons, including four-player multiplayer for the Tower, a new merchant who handles enchantments, and a free new jungle biome level. I just like the look of the mob-themed onesies, personally.

Matthew (RPS in peace) thought Minecraft Dungeons was a missed opportunity at launch.Watch on YouTube

Fauna Faire gives you the chance to play the game’s Game-Of-Death-esque Tower mode with mates for the first time. Four-player co-op is coming to the Tower, adjusting the difficulty based on how many people are ascending its floors. Three new floors are coming in the update, and two new bosses in the forms of the Tempest Golem and Ancient Guardian. Each player will get an individual reward for finishing the Tower.

The Fauna Faire update also adds a new merchant, the Enchantsmith. You can find this lad in Highblock Halls, and he’ll move to your camp if you rescue him. He can re-enchant your gear randomly, although doing it repeatedly to the same gear will make the cost go up a bit. This update has a new free level too, Treetop Tangle. It’ll feature three new gear drops, and it’s the first time the jungle biome has appeared in the game outside of paid content.

As you’d guess from the name, Fauna Faire focuses on the mobs of Minecraft Dungeons. You’ll be able to dress your character up in mob-themed skins, such as the aforementioned onesies, and collects pets and other cosmetics. Fauna Faire introduces some new mobs, ranging from red pandas and skunks to two types of penguin. Some of these have been drawn from Minecraft Earth.

Minecraft Dungeons Fauna Faire update arrives on October 19th, so not long to wait for that. You can pick up the game from Steam or the Microsoft Store, and it’s also part of PC Game Pass.

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