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Minecraft Dungeons has portaled to the Nether in its new DLC

Plus a free update with new endgame challenges

Minecraft Dungeons is digging deeper once again. The Diablo-y spinoff for Mojang's craft 'em up has just launched another DLC and free update. All players will now be able to take on the endgame Ancient Hunts while the Flames Of The Nether DLC will take you deeper into hell to face some bigger baddies.

It sounds like all the Dungeons regulars must be getting pretty savvy, as Mojang's free update adds quite a lot of endgame challenges. The Ancient Hunts are extra tough missions only unlocked once you reach a high enough difficulty level. You'll chuck in your items and enchantment points and, based on what you've put in, Dungeons will generate a new mission for you.

"There’s still a degree of randomness and the missions themselves are highly procedural, but players have a means to affect the generation to achieve the outcome they want," Mojang say.

There are even more changes to the Dungeons endgame that Mojang detail in their post, including an overhaul of the Apocalypse Plus system and their new Gilded Gear rewards.

Over in DLC territory, the Flames Of The Nether adds six new hellish missions and new artifacts, weapons, and gear. You can spot some of the baddies and biomes in the launch trailer up above. Looks like you'll be headed to some of those new biomes that were added to the Nether in Minecraft proper last year such as the Warped Forest and the Basalt Deltas. The piglins appear to be out in force too.

The free update for Minecraft Dungeons has launched today, as has the new DLC. You can find the Flames Of The Nether over on the Microsoft Store for $5.99.

If you hadn't heard, Minecraft Dungeons added cross-platform multiplayer support a few months ago.

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