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Minecraft's next new mob is the sniffer

More than half of votes went to this gentle giant

The winner of this year’s Minecraft mob vote has been revealed, and it’s a giant creature called the sniffer. Sniffers are helpful beasties who can search up ancient seeds that grow into plants you can decorate with. The friendly cow-turtle-dog-thing won the vote held to decide Minecraft’s new mob, held for 24 hours between Friday and the start of Minecraft Live on Saturday. Sniffer topped the poll with more than half of the 3.5 million votes cast. You can watch the result being announced in the video below.

The sniffer's victory was announced at Minecraft Live over the weekend.

“And once more, the sniff-balance has been restored with your new victor’s cuteness countering the warden’s terrifying tell-tale sniff!” Mojang said in a post announcing the vote’s winner. The sniffer was thought to be extinct, but you’ll be able to find its eggs hidden in chests in underwater ruins. Lug them back to the surface to hatch them and you’ll acquire your own baby sniffer. Raise it, and the sniffer will help find ancient seeds. You can breed them too.

The sniffer was up against the tuff golem and the rascal in this year’s new mob vote. Commiserations to them. The new mob was just one of the things happening at Minecraft Live over the weekend, which also saw Mojang share some information on Minecraft’s upcoming 1.20 update. Mojang also revealed seven new default characters to choose from, named Sunny, Kai, Makena, Zuri, Efe, Ari, and Noor, who’ll be arriving in the game on November 29th. The 1.20 update itself should land in 2023.

Minecraft: Java And Bedrock Edition is available from the official site here for £25/$30. While you’re waiting for the sniffer to become unextinct, why not check out Ollie’s guide to the best Minecraft 1.19 seeds?

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