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Ministry Of War Beta Key Compo

We have 100 beta keys for the beta of free-to-play MMO RTS Ministry of War to give away today. 100, so it's going to be a super-fast first-come-first served scenario. The first one hundred people to email compo@rockpapershotgun.com, with the subject line "I'd like to join the ministry" will get a code. And they're all gone. Thanks for playing, folks.

Ministry of War is a massively multiplayer browser-based RTS, intriguingly with an end game. They list their features thus:

Build your empire in one of four powerful civilizations: Egypt, China, Persia, or Rome.
Advance your civilization from the Wild Age to the Imperial Age, as you gain power and influence through commerce, construction, and combat!
Fight in epic real-time Player vs. Environment, Player vs. Player, and Guild vs. Guild battles, with as many as four players battling simultaneously!
Lay siege to enemy cities for profit and the glory of your Empire.
Expand your civilization's political influence, potentially conquering the entire world!
Robust Merchant System allows you to build your fortune, as you travel and trade with villages and cities across the known world.
Gain the upper hand by empowering your Heroes through experience, items, and skills. Don't just build an army, create the ideal general for your play style!
Develop massive armies consisting of melee, ranged, cavalry, and siege units, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
Comprehensive Questing and Tutorial Systems, including building, civilization, hero, and reputation quests.

Please make sure to read and understand these rules before entering.

Any entries that don't have the title above will DEFINITELY be ignored. It's due to our complex filtering system. If you click on the link above, it should fill it in automagically.

You don't need to put anything in the body of your email, but if you want to say how John is better than the others, it won't help you win, but it will make you right.

The first 100 to arrive will be sorted over the weekend, and should receive their beta key and instructions by Monday morning at the latest.

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