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Minit is this week's free adventure on the Epic Games Store

Got a minit?

Okay, sixty seconds on the clock, let's go: Monochrome adventure Minit is the Epic Games Store's free game for the week. Solve the mystery of the sword factory, collect photographs, grab some coffee and listen to an old man ramble by the sea in this delightful little adventure game with a lethal twist. Every 60 seconds you drop dead and begin the cycle anew. But be quick - Minit isn't the only one stuck in a time loop. Epic's own cycle resets in seven days, putting another free game on a pedestal for the week.

How long was that, did I do it?

There's a lovely rhythm to pottering around the world, seeing what you can achieve in one minute, slowly optimising your routes and items. Puzzles will test your routing and knowledge such that every single second counts. Hell, by the end of it, I was slamming the "kill me now" button every time I realised I could shave milliseconds off my route.

Minit is so much more than just a puzzle box to be solved in 60-second fragments. Despite the 2-bit style, there's plenty of colour to every character, and plenty of loose threads to pick up on your way. Sometimes, you'll simply find a comfy bed to nap in, letting you wake up from that spot next time the timer runs out.

Minit may just have one central idea, but it's an absolute banger of a concept delivered flawlessly. John felt similarly back in his Minit review, saying it is "very charming, a lot of fun, and perhaps most importantly, executes its central conceit with deftness."

Got a minute to try it out? Minit is free until October 10th on the Epic Games Store. Of course, Minit is still about on Steam and Itch for £7/€10/$10.

The Epic Games Store heads into orbit next week, giving away stellar city-builder Surviving Mars.

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