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Wizkicks and magichops in Mirage: Arcane Warfare vid

Good-looking stabbing

What happens when wizards get their nigredo-stained fingers on the first-person stabbing of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare? The magical melee multiplayer foolishness of Mirage: Arcane Warfare [official site] is what, as you can see in a new 11-minute gameplay vid. Torn Banner Studios' enchanted follow-up will launch later this year but for now, hey, look at these wizards. They're a rowdy bunch.

I dig some of the slide kicks and magical blinks I'm seeing there from the Vypress class. Nice agility. Who catches your eye, gang?

At first I was wary of so many projectiles and magical abilities mixing with Chivalry's smashing stabbing but yeah, I like the look of this. Chivalry is already doing Chivalry (and several other games do similar things) so sure, let's mix it up. Do check out Pip's interview with Mirage artists on how they've tried to make magic feel like "throwing bricks at people's heads".

N.B. don't throw bricks at people's heads unless they really naff you off. I'm talking majorly miffed. Royally cheesed.

Mirage is due later this year. A closed beta starts March 27th but it's a pre-order perk.

Elsewhere on the stabby horizon, Mordhau's medieval multiplayer murders are looking pretty swish. And let's not forget Kingdom Come: Deliverance for roleplaying singleplayer stabbing.

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