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Best Modern Warfare 2 Kastov 762 loadout: The best Kastov 762 class setup and attachments

Here's the best Kastov 762 loadout in Modern Warfare 2

Looking for the best Kastov 762 loadout in Modern Warfare 2? The Kastov 762 is the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 moniker for the much-loved staple of Call Of Duty titles, the AKM (or AK-47). Its powerful shots ensure quick kills for skilled players, but the recoil leaves something to be desired - unless you stabilise it with the right set of attachments, of course!

Below we'll walk you through how to put together the best possible Kastov 762 loadout and class setup in Modern Warfare 2 right now. We'll guide you through the attachments to pick, along with our recommendations for secondary weapons, perks, and equipment to round off your new top-of-the-line Kastov 762 build.

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Best Kastov 762 loadout in Modern Warfare 2

This Kastov 762 loadout build focuses on improving the rifle's recoil - its worst characteristic - while keeping the gun fast and light enough to use in the close-to-mid-range circumstances in which it excels. One of the Kastov 762's greatest traits is its versatility, so we've made sure to keep things balanced with the following set of attachments.

Here's the best Kastov 762 loadout in Modern Warfare 2:

  • Muzzle: Polarfire-S
  • Barrel: Kastovia 343
  • Underbarrel: FTAC Ripper 56
  • Stock: Kastov-Rama
  • Optic: Cronen Mini Pro
A close-up of the Kastov 762 Assault Rifle in the Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith screen.

The Polarfire-S isn't the heaviest silencer on offer, but it does a decent job at smoothing out the gun's recoil without slowing down your handling stats too much. We've combined it with the Kastovia 343 Barrel to further speed up the rifle's ADS speed. Don't be put off by the decreased damage range - it's still more than adequate for your needs.

The FTAC Ripper 56 on the Underbarrel slot is there to give you further recoil stability at the cost of handling; but then the Kastov-Rama Stock attachment speeds up your aim walking speed and sprint speed to keep things balanced. Finally we've added the Cronen Mini Pro to keep your sight clear when engaging with your enemies.

Overall this leaves you with an extremely balanced and potent version of the Kastov 762, which is more than capable of shredding opponents at ranges up to 25 metres or so.

Best Kastov 762 loadout secondary weapon

The Kastov 762 may be versatile, but its effectiveness does fall off a little bit at the extreme close range and extreme long range. So you have a choice depending on your playstyle.

If you want to go for longer-range kills, then pick the Signal 50 - a potent and fast-firing sharpshooter weapon, and one of the best Sniper Rifles in Modern Warfare 2 right now.

Alternatively you can sure up your close-range defence with a nippy SMG like the Lachmann Sub (MP5), whose blistering damage will keep you competitive even at Shotgun ranges. Learn how to put together the best MP5 loadout in Modern Warfare 2 here.

Best Kastov 762 class setup: Perks and Equipment

Your choices of Perks and Equipment can be kept fairly standard with this Kastov 762 build. Other than Overkill, which you'll need if you want to equip the above weapons alongside the Kastov 762, we've found it's a good idea to pick up both Double Time and Fast Hands, to speed up your handling and movement stats and keep you on the move and ready for anything.

For your Ultimate Perk we'd recommend Quick Fix, which gives you a weighty hit of health regen every time you kill, keeping you in the game for longer so you can start racking up those Killstreaks. Combine all this with a Drill Charge and a Stun Grenade for clearing rooms from behind cover, and you're all set to wreak some havoc with the Kastov 762.

That brings our Kastov 762 loadout guide to a close. We know you're now itching to get stuck into trying out one of the best Assault Rifles in Modern Warfare 2, but if you want to stay awhile, we can teach you about the current gun meta with our Modern Warfare 2 best guns tier list, or about the upcoming Warzone 2.0 release date. Alternatively, why not consult our primer on how to level up fast in Modern Warfare 2 so you can unlock everything you need for the above build?

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