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Modern Warfare 2 release time: When does Modern Warfare 2 release?

When does Modern Warfare 2 release in each region?

Looking for the Modern Warfare 2 release time? Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer and Special Ops are almost here, set to launch on Friday, October 28, 2022. After having our fill of the campaign, which launched in early access last week, we're ready to get back to that crisp shooting in multiplayer. If you're also itching to fight people online and want to know when you can play Modern Warfare 2, then you're in the right spot.

Below, we'll list the Modern Warfare 2 release time for PC and consoles, as well as when you can preload the full game on each platform.

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Modern Warfare 2 release time

You can find the Modern Warfare 2 release time on PC for your region below:

  • West Coast US: Thursday, October 27, 9pm PDT
  • East Coast US: Friday, October 28, 12am EDT
  • UK: Friday, October 28, 5am GMT
  • Europe: Friday, October 28, 6am CEST
  • Brazil: Friday, October 28, 1am BRT
  • South Korea: Friday, October 28, 1pm KST
  • Australia: Friday, October 28, 3pm AEDT
Image showing Modern Warfare 2 launch times on PC in various regions on a map.

Consoles will have a regional rollout starting at 4am PT on Thursday, October 27 2022 and ending at the times listed above, so those on PlayStation or Xbox could gain access slightly earlier than PC players.

Modern Warfare 2 preload times and download size

Screenshot showing preload and launch times for Modern Warfare 2 in a table, with platforms on the left and each launch stage along the top.

You can preload Modern Warfare 2 right now on every platform. Preloads went live last week on consoles, and at the following times on PC:

  • West Coast US: Wednesday, October 26, 10am PDT
  • East Coast US: Wednesday, October 26, 1pm EDT
  • Brazil: Wednesday, October 26, 2pm BRT
  • UK: Wednesday, October 26, 6pm BST
  • Europe: Wednesday, October 26, 7pm CEST
  • South Korea: Thursday, October 27, 2am KST
  • Australia: Thursday, October 27, 4am AEDT

The official PC system requirements state that Modern Warfare 2 will require 72GB of storage space at launch. However, the download size seems to vary between platforms, with those on consoles seeing downloads between 60 and 70GB.

The Modern Warfare 2 download will not include Warzone 2, which will be a separate install. This is a huge change from Modern Warfare 2019, which Warzone players were forced to install alongside the popular battle royale.

That wraps up everything we know about the Modern Warfare 2 release time. You can prepare for launch now with our Modern Warfare 2 M4 loadout and MP5 loadout guides. If you're planning on using a different weapon, take a look at our ranked list of the best guns in Modern Warfare 2.

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