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Modern Warfare 2 weapon stats: Damage, Time-To-Kill, ADS speed, and more

In-depth stats on every weapon in MW2, including the new M13B and BAS-P

Looking for weapon stats on every gun in Modern Warfare 2? It's always a very good idea to spend some time learning the stats, strengths, and limitations of each gun in any FPS game, and the same is true of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, with its array of over 40 highly customisable primary weapons.

If you're wondering exactly how much damage a headshot deals with a Victus XMR, or you want to know how many shots it takes with a Vel 46 to kill an enemy, you've come to the right place. Below you'll find our in-depth Modern Warfare 2 weapon stats tables, covering everything from damage and time-to-kill stats to ADS and movement speeds.

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Note: all guns in Modern Warfare 2 are identical to those in Warzone 2, so the stats are all identical too. However, if you'd like to know how many shots it takes to kill an enemy with different levels of armour, then check out our dedicated Warzone 2 weapon stats tables instead!

MW2 weapon stats: Assault Rifles

Kastov 76277/42/35/353194ms432617
STB 55642/36/33/333162ms460766
M1651/39/34/303241ms324498 (990, 766*)
Kastov 54561/33/30/284267ms371675

*The M16 has three RPM values. The first value is its regular burst-fire RPM. The second value is its burst-fire RPM without counting the 200ms delay between bursts. The third value is its RPM in single-shot fire mode.

NameADSFull ReloadTac ReloadMove SpeedMag Size
Kastov 762250ms2.6s2.15s86%30
STB 556220ms3.03s2.22s86%30
Kastov 545250ms2.5s2.15s89%30

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MW2 weapon stats: Battle Rifles

Lachmann-762100/57/52/482142ms402423 (643*)
S0-1498/57/44/402143ms398419 (792*)
TAQ-V98/56/51/372143ms393421 (595*)
FTAC Recon101/58/49/472133ms435450 (610*)

*These values are for full-auto mode.

NameADSFull ReloadTac ReloadMove SpeedMag Size
FTAC Recon280ms2.33s2.23s86%10

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MW2 weapon stats: SMGs

VEL 4640/25/25/234184ms408979
Lachmann Sub47/34/34/323146ms467824
FSS Hurricane48/34/34/313169ms401708
PDSW 52840/25/25/234194ms386927
Fennec 4542/27/25/234160ms5071126
NameADSFull ReloadTac ReloadMove SpeedMag Size
VEL 46200ms1.95s1.95s90%40
Lachmann Sub200ms3.3s3.12s90%30
FSS Hurricane250ms3.68s3.27s88%50
PDSW 528280ms3.17s2.78s89%50
Fennec 45220ms2.93s2.8s99%30

Learn more about which is the best SMG in Modern Warfare 2 right here.

MW2 weapon stats: Shotguns

Lockwood 300200/200/200/20010ms1263379
Expedite 12300/300/300/300*10ms730146
Bryson 800300/300/300/300*10ms41583
Bryson 890300/300/300/300*10ms38076

*Due to the nature of Shotguns and the Modern Warfare 2 testing environment, we were not able to gain a clear picture of the exact damage values of each Shotgun.

NameADSFull ReloadTac ReloadMove SpeedMag Size
Lockwood 300380ms3.15s2.62s92%2
Expedite 12330ms8.18s0.95s*95%7
Bryson 800380ms8.92s0.77s*79%8
Bryson 890330ms3.08s2.62s81%8

*These values are for per-bullet reloading.

Here are our thoughts on which of these is the best Shotgun in Modern Warfare 2 right now.

MW2 weapon stats: LMGs

Sakin MG3849/37/34/333183ms405657
HCR 5648/35/33/323159ms441756
556 Icarus46/42/32/313152ms552789
RAAL MG62/50/42/392107ms468562
RAPP H48/39/34/303148ms528813
NameADSFull ReloadTac ReloadMove SpeedMag Size
Sakin MG38450ms8.42s7.18s81%100
HCR 56420ms4.13s3.82s77%60
556 Icarus370ms7.13s6.97s80%75
RAAL MG500ms7.85s7.52s79%75
RAPP H450ms7.67s6.93s85%75

LMGs aren't top of the meta right now, but they're still extremely powerful in capable hands. Learn about the best LMG in Modern Warfare 2 here.

MW2 weapon stats: Marksman Rifles

SP-R 208195/167/93/9310ms19871
Lockwood Mk2153/108/90/9010ms196109
SA-B 50180/162/90/9010ms18970
NameADSFull ReloadTac ReloadMove SpeedMag Size
SP-R 208350ms3.65s2.75s83%5
Lockwood Mk2280ms5.6s0.55s*85%6
SA-B 50300ms3.65s2.75s85%10

*This value is for per-bullet reloading.

See our guide on which is the very best Marksman Rifle in Modern Warfare 2 to find out more.

MW2 weapon stats: Sniper Rifles

Victus XMR275/199/107/9910ms14945
Signal 50234/163/102/9110ms361133
LA-B 330275/163/122/9110ms15858
SP-X 80275/163/122/9110ms16661
NameADSFull ReloadTac ReloadMove SpeedMag Size
Victus XMR600ms4.15s2.97s86%5
Signal 50680ms5.38s4.1s82%5
LA-B 330600ms3.67s2.73s83%5
SP-X 80520ms3.67s2.8s86%5

Take a look at our guide to the best Sniper Rifle in Modern Warfare 2 to see what these stats mean in an actual match.

That covers all the primary guns in Modern Warfare 2 and their associated weapon stats. For a better idea of how these stats translate to on-the-ground effectiveness, check out our Modern Warfare 2 best guns tier list. You can also check out our guides on how to level up fast in Modern Warfare 2, or the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 Hardcore mode and Warzone 2.0 release date.

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