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Modern Warfare 3 Is A Shooting Game

Look, I don't want this to be another groundhog day. I don't want the comments thread to fill up with people going 'Call of Duty is boring' and then some other people saying "that's just, like, your opinion, man." I just want you to only bother watching this video of Modern Warfare 3's 'Spec Ops' co-op mode if you honestly have a real interest in Modern Warfare 3. If you don't, stop reading. Why are you still reading? You don't even care! STOP READING. And don't you dare comment. I can delete your words with a single button-click, you know.

That's set in Paris, apparently. FACT: my first ever press trip was to Paris, to see Moto Racer 3. Kieron Gillen was also there, as I discovered when I bumped into him at the Eurostar terminal at about 5am. He was drunk. During a spare hour of the trip, we went for a walk through town, before discovering that neither of us had taken a note of our hotel's address or, indeed, name. Which proved incredibly embarrassing when we visited the local tourist information and asked for directions. Even when shown a list of all the hotels in town by a disbelieving man, we still couldn't recognise which one was ours. So we left, in shame. Eventually, after much panicky wandering, we stumbled across the right street and were too ashamed to tell anyone else what had happened.

And that's my Paris story! I bet those suckers who didn't read this post because they don't like Call of Duty really regret it now.

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