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Call of Whoopsie: Modern Warfare 3 Spoilt?

Someone's getting a) bollocked b) fired c) executed tonight, I'm sure. If Kotaku's sources are right, basically everything about this year's Call of Duty has just been blown wide open and revealed to John Q. Public some six months before likely release. It's Modern Warfare 3 and it's...

Nah, I'll stop there. Well, spoiling spoilers would probably be pretty wretched behaviour on my part, so I shall leave any decision as to whether you go to the below link to discover the game's entire plot months before it's released to you. I read it, because my own experience and tastes suggests that caring about a Modern Warfare game's plot is pretty much up there with caring about what colour toilet paper the Queen uses, but I guess it's pretty rotten that those who are into it are going to find it bloody hard to avoid hearing it about for the next half-year. I'm not going to add to that risk, fear not.

What I will say is that, if all of this is as true as it appears to be, it's a direct sequel to MW2 from a narrative perspective and deals with the various plot threads left hanging. Good-o.

Kotaku are splitting their frightening amounts of information into various posts, some of which are spoiler-free - here's the broad overview, which is relatively safe to read, here's details of the multiplayer, and here's all the God-damned spoilers.

There's various screenshots, artwork and even audio scattered throughout. Activision are going to be aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaangry: essentially, another company is controlling the flow of information about their game. Who was responsible for the leak? Someone internal, an outsourced media company, or someone with a vendetta after all that mucky business with Infinity Ward's bosses a few years ago? Or just a lucky janitor? We may never know. Unless someone tells us. Then we'll know. That's how it works, see.

With several months to go until likely release (presuming they stick to their usual early Winter CoD schedule), I guess it's possible Activision can change a whole bunch of stuff so not everyone knows exactly what to expect.

Here's one spoiler for you though: there are GUNS. And AMERICANS.

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