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Modness: High School Of The Dead Mount & Blade Mod

The mod news ticker is all tick-tick-tick-tack-tack-tack-i-will-kill-you-in-your-sleep. I usually don't pay it that much attention, because it's not plugged in and doesn't actually exist, but now it's clacking away and demanding that we should pay more attention to Mount & Blade's mod scene. While I don't imagine the High School Of The Dead mod it prints out is in anyway representative of the scene's usual output, it's silly enough to make me want to investigate more. I shall. Meanwhile, H.O.T.D. is a mod that brings high school pupils, zombies, cities, and civil unrest into the base game's feudal war nonsense. There is some footage below. Also, can someone recommend an exorcist who deals in imaginary electronics? The news ticker is now spewing blood and doing something horrible with a crucifix.

Like I say, I'm more interested in the extremes it adds to the base game than anything else. I don't know the lore of this particular piece of Japanese literature, so I can't tell you what's going on, why there's a unit in the game called "Right-Wing Activist", or even why there's a gorilla in the screenshot. I do know that there's free-roaming city-hub for you to explore, where multiple factions clash swinging makeshift weapons of brooms and what I think are hat-stands. It is strange, and I'm glad it exists. One man's labour of love.

So now I have to find more polished mods for any game of the series. Or maybe you can tell me all about them, instead? There was one that popped up this weekend: the now obligatory Game Of Thrones mod that PC Gamer covered, and looks like it might be fun. Anything else? It can be really good, or really strange. Either are fine by me.

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