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Mods News: Error Report

Sundays are for... oh, no, wait, that's Kieron's job. And it's Wednesday. Wednesdays are for compiling a round-up of the most interesting happenings on the mod scene from the past week-or-so. And that's my job. So I should probably do something along those lines. Onwards!

- My favourite thing this week is the opening sequence of newly released Half-Life 2: Ep 2 mod Human Error. That's because it's the best opening sequence I've yet seen in a single-player mod. The rest is... well, oddly mixed, but mainly quite good. A few things let it down, but it's worth playing for the occasional sparks of brilliance that erupt across its three-hour run time. Review here.

- HL2 mod WWI Source has launched its first public beta. ModDB ratings are good, responses in the comments are mixed. Not had the chance to play this yet. Why not try it out?

- AvP2's very own version of Team Fortress has released an update, including fixes to a couple of maps and some server tweaks.

- Pirates, Vikings and Knights II, which I still can't stop calling 'Pirates Versus Knights' for some reason, releases Version 2.3 via good old Steam. This is one of those HL2 mods I really should have played by now, but for some reason haven't. It's good, right?

- People are still making HL1 mods! And one of them, Cry of Fear, has been looking exceptional for a couple of years now. It's only going to work through Steam, its developers revealed this week. That's fine, though - all you need to do is activate your old CD-ROM copy of the game through Steam and you'll be able to play. Still no release date announced, but the big progress bar on its ModDB page seems to show it to be about 75 per cent done.

- Crysis Wars mod Modern Combat Operations needs alpha testers to make sure the thing basically works online. Interested?

- Beta 0.7 of Stalker: Clear Sky Reloaded is available. Reloaded does the old "what the game should have been" overhaul to the second of the Stalker games. I must say, playing through the exquisite Call of Pripyat at the end of last month did give me the urge to return to the second game. The knowledge of how bloody awful it often was stopped me in my tracks, but I might have to check this out. Download from here, and not from the button on the link above, which doesn't work for some reason.

- Wonderful Life, an art-mod for UT3, has unleashed beta 2.0. But, er, it won't be going any further. Says developer Thomas J. Papa: "It is time to use all experience and knowledge that Wonderful Life brought me and focus on other projects now." Fair play to him. As is a theme this week, I've not played this one, but it looks interesting.

More mod talk, updated as daily as possible, over at UserCreated.

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