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Monkeys, Viruses, Chaos: Monaco

Hello! I'm supposed to be away today (don't envy me - I was doing my tax return, weeping, screaming, not having any fun), but I just wanted to stop in and share this level walkthrough of Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine with you. Even now, some sixteen years on from its original announcement, Andy Schatz and Pocketwatch Games' long in the making, IGF winning co-op heist is one of the games I'm most looking forward to right now. Here's a little taste of why I think that, as well as a bit of hot monkey action and some top mad piano noodling.

You'll probably need to watch in full-screen and at high res to make much sense of that, but I've embedded it anyway because I like embedding things. It makes me feel clever.

I am totally being the Pickpocket.

Jim and I were supposed to have a game of an earlier build of this late last year, but his stupid router didn't work and ruined our fun. I HATE HIM SO MUCH.

Oh, and here's a more conventional trailer, focused on music and multiplayer, which I don't think we ran when it first snuck onto the internet.

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