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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Gore Magala fight walkthrough, weaknesses, and tips

How to defeat the frenzied nightmare, Gore Magala

Want to know how to beat Gore Magala in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak? The terrifying Gore Magala returns in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, bringing with it some unique mechanics that will be unfamiliar to players who first got into Monster Hunter with World or Rise. In particular, Gore Magala’s unique Frenzy ailment requires some clever management. We will help you navigate the non-standard bits of the Gore Magala fight in this guide.

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Gore Magala fight walkthrough

Gore Magala has a variety of hard-hitting attacks that deal large amounts of physical and dragon damage. Many of these attacks also inflict Frenzy, an ailment unique to Gore Magala. Rather than a single icon, Frenzy adds a small, purplish-blue meter that fills over time and as you take more Frenzy attacks. You can’t cure Frenzy with nullberries or other normal methods, so we’ll cover it in a bit more detail below.

When Gore Magala enrages it sprouts demonic horns, and its massive wings shudder with energy. In this form, Gore Magala deals more damage, has faster attacks with larger hitboxes, and applies Frenzy more often. However, if you do enough damage to the head you can break Gore Magala out of this frenzied demon mode. Stay on the offensive when you can.

Gore Magala's unique ailment: Gore Magala Frenzy explained and how to remove Frenzy

The Frenzy ailment disables your natural healing (red-health recovery) and causes you to take increased damage from Gore Magala. To remove Frenzy, you need to repeatedly attack Gore Magala. If you deal enough damage, Frenzy will be removed and replaced with a short-term attack boost. If you fail to remove Frenzy before the meter fills, you will instead receive a temporary decrease to your defense. Frenzy forces you to take a high-risk, high-reward approach and press the attack for most of the Gore Magala fight.

Gore Magala's hitzone values in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Gore Magala weak spots and elemental weaknesses

Gore Magala’s head and forelegs take a good bit of damage from Slash, Blunt, and Shot damage types. The front half of Gore Magala is a dangerous place to be, but it's the best spot damage-wise. Like all aspects of this fight, high risk, high reward is the name of the game.

As for elements, Fire is Gore Magala’s biggest weakness. There are several good fire weapons available at this point in Sunbreak, with the Rathalos and Espinas trees leading the way. If you have a good Critical Element set, Espinas works particularly well.

How to beat Gore Magala: top tips for success

Here are our top tips for victory over Gore Magala.

The Best Defense is a great Offense

We’ve said it a few times already, but it is worth emphasizing; the best way to defend yourself against Gore Magala is to just really whale on it as much as possible. Damage is already a great form of defense in Monster Hunter, leading to more staggers and knockdowns that guarantee your safety for a time. Against Gore Magala this is truer than ever.

If you’re able to consistently clear the Frenzy virus before it pops, the attack boost it grants will help you get more staggers or even snap Gore Magala out of its own Frenzy. The more you can maintain DPS, the safer you’re going to ultimately be. Our next tip will help you do that.

Attack from back to front

While Gore Magala’s prime weakspots are all up front, that’s also the most dangerous place to be. Thankfully, the back legs also take a good bit of damage from all damage types and are generally a safer spot to stand. So, you can stand near Gore Magala’s midsection and hit the back legs. Then, move up slightly and go after the head and forelegs when you have a safe opening.

Pack Dust of Life and/or a healing Palico

You should really be bringing Dust of Life along on most if not all Master Rank hunts to heal your teammates in a pinch, but it's especially important against Gore Magala. Frenzy disables natural healing, so party members are going to have more trouble topping off than usual. Lend a helping hand when you can. A Palico with some healing abilities also goes a long way, especially if you’re running solo and don’t have a teammate to Dust you.

That's everything you need to know to hunt Gore Magala! This is one of the most notorious monsters in the entire series, so enjoy the spectacle and have fun. If you haven't made it quite this far into Sunbreak, check out our guides to Garangolm and Lunagaron. If you're looking for sub-camp locations throughout Monster Hunter Rise, our list of sub-camp locations has the entire base game and the new Sunbreak maps covered. The old maps are heavily featured in Sunbreak too, so make sure to track these camps down. For a hand unlocking all the new Switch Skills, take a peek at our guide to unlocking all Switch Skills in Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak.

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