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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Lunagaron fight walkthrough, weaknesses, and tips

How to defeat the second of the Three Lords, Lunagaron

Need help hunting Lunagaron in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak? Lunagaron is the second of the Three Lords, the central monsters of the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak story. You will encounter Lunagaron as the gateway quest to Master Rank 4, not too long after fighting Garangolm. Lunagaron is a quick and deadly ice monster with a number of tricks up its sleeve. If you’re struggling to handle the second lord, this guide is here to help.

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Lunagaron fight walkthrough

Lunagaron cycles between two phases over the course of the hunt. At the start of the fight, Lunagaron stays on all fours and fights like a wolf, with various biting and clawing attacks. It also has a few ice attacks, including a leaping attack that drops a narrow line of exploding ice underneath Lunagaron. If you fought Odagaron in Monster Hunter World or even Tobi-Kadachi in Rise, this phase won’t be too unfamiliar.

In the second phase, Lunagaron rises onto its hind legs and coats itself with ice, becoming a fearsome, frozen werewolf monster. In this state, Lunagaron can’t cover ground quite as fast. However, it hits much, much harder, and deals ice damage with most of its attacks. It is usually pretty safe to stick near the hind legs, but be wary of a stomping attack that punishes this behavior. Many of Lunagaron’s werewolf attacks also apply Ice Blight, so pack some nullberries to remove the blight and keep your wirebugs charging at normal speeds.

Lunagaron's hitzone values as listed in the in-game Hunter's Notes in Monster  Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Lunagaron weak spots and elemental weaknesses

Lunagaron’s head is a prime weak spot for Slashing, Blunt, and Shot damage. This should be your main target with all weapons, though try to stay out of the way if you have a Hammer or Hunting Horn player that can inflict stun damage to the head. If the head is too crowded or out of reach, the tail and abdomen are your next best bets.

As for elements, Lunagaron takes a lot of fire damage all across its body. Lightning also fares decently well, but the rest are neutral or ineffective. If you have a decent fire weapon handy, it will do wonders for the Lunagaron fight. Otherwise, ignore elements and pack the highest raw damage weapon you’ve got.

How to beat Lunagarom: top tips for success

Here are our top tips for victory over Lunagaron.

Break the ice

Lunagaron’s werewolf mode is extremely deadly, but you can actually end it early and earn a knockdown at the same time. If you deal enough damage to the iced-over parts of Lunagaron’s body, you can break the ice off and knock Lunagaron over. So, the best defense in this case really is a great offense. Don’t take unnecessary risks, but do try to keep dealing as much damage as possible throughout this phase. The icy claws make particularly juicy targets.

Bring blast weapons

Lunagaron doesn’t have any major ailment weaknesses, but it is slightly weak to blast damage. If you have a decent blast weapon you can earn a few extra staggers by building up blast procs throughout the fight. Blast was not exactly meta in pre-Sunbreak Monster Hunter Rise, but that was largely due to poor options on the weapon tree.

The new Blood-Orange Bishaten weapons have great damage numbers and decent sharpness for early Sunbreak, along with some supplemental blast damage. If you are struggling with Lunagaron and don’t have a fire weapon available, give one of these a try.

Lunagaron prepares to strike in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Don’t sheathe when you hear "Watch out!"

Certain monster attacks in Monster Hunter Rise trigger player voice line warnings, typically along the lines of “Watch out!” or “Incoming!” depending on the character voice you’ve chosen. The attacks that trigger these are usually heavy-hitting attacks with a big windup followed by a large, lingering hitbox that makes simply rolling through them tricky. So, a common reaction is to sheathe your weapon and perform a “Superman dive” for the extra invincibility frames.

Lunagaron preys on that instinct with an attack that goes against those norms. When you hear the “Watch out!” voice line, Lunagaron will almost immediately lunge forward and swipe with its icy claws, dealing tons of damage and inflicting ice blight. If you sheathe your weapon out of habit, you are guaranteed to get hit. The only way to dodge this attack is to immediately block or roll to one side. If you’re already off to the side of Lunagaron, you can roll towards it as well.

That's everything you need to know to hunt Lunagaron! You can craft some really strong weapons from Lunagaron parts, so learn it well and farm away. If you're looking for sub-camp locations throughout Monster Hunter Rise, our list of sub-camp locations has the entire base game and the new Sunbreak maps covered. The old maps are heavily featured in Sunbreak too, so make sure to track these camps down. If you picked up the game recently and aren't sure how to start Sunbreak content, our guide on how to start Sunbreak will get you there.

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