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Monster Hunter: World adds 21:9 support in today's update

Push-to-talk has also been added

Monster Hunter: World is going big (well, wide) with its first major update of 2019. As of today, players will be able to make the most of their flashy, Ultrawide monitors as the update adds 21:9 support, a push-to-talk function, and various other features and bug fixes.

21:9 support is something that has been requested by fans since launch, with some even going so far as to work on a mod that will allow the game to run on Ultrawide monitors. While today's update does bring in the feature for the majority of the game, some cutscenes aren't supported. There is more good news, though - to coincide with the 21:9 support, you'll now be able to adjust the position of your UI.

As well as the 21:9 Ultrawide support, the update also adds a push-to-talk function, allowing you to configure any key you choose to enable voice chat. And for those of us with that one mate who insists on crunching their way through an entire six-pack of Walkers the minute they sit down to play, I think you'll agree it's an invaluable addition.

A third Vignette Effects option has been added, now giving you the choice of 'High, Normal, or Off.' Setting the Vignette Effect to 'High' should help reduce motion sickness which could be an issue with the wider field of vision that Ultrawide brings. And motion sickness while gaming is no fun, let me tell you.

And finally, a number of combat bugs have been addressed, including the (mis?)direction of Guard Dash, a second Slinger shot failing to cancel when equipped with sword and shield, as well as various others. A number of non-combat bug fixes have also been implemented but don't take my word for it - you can find the full patch notes here, here, and here.

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