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City Of The Slightly Less Damned: Mordheim Phase 6

Strategy map improved

While I'm in a Games Workshop mood - which is most of the time, and most of that time is spent agonising that I can't afford Games Workshop stuff* - let's have a peek at the new update for Warhammer-themed turn-based strategy-RPG Mordheim: City of the Damned. It's been somewhere near the top of my Yes I Must Make Time For That Somehow list since release, but as both Adam and Marsh have reported that it's got its issues I figured - figure like in figurine hahah - I'd wait until it clawed a little further through the Early Access warrens. There's a new 'Phase 6' update out now, which is tickling my Skaven-bothering fancy.

Main things in here are an improved Strategy View in order to better keep tabs on things, not get lost and whatnot, the introduction of consumables including bombs, the option to hire new units for your Warband, 'graphical tweaks' and three new maps, two of which are procedurally-generated. Uh, these things all sound pretty essential? Marsh certainly thought so in March, writing that "It’s a disorienting space in which to fight, and the game works to conceal all the critical information from you: the lay of the land, where your units are, where the enemy are, who acts next in the turn order, what innate stats anyone has, what their powers do, what shape they’re in. This information is in the game – it’s just unreasonably hard to find." Let's hope the Strategy Map overhaul has reduced the confusion.

Let's have a look at what this stuff means in practice, in this EXTREMELY SERIOUS video:

EXTREMELY SERIOUS, just like Warhammer really isn't, at heart.

I'll take a look and report back as soon as I can, but if you can't wait for or don't trust my 'umble opinion, Mordheim's a third off on Steam for the next couple of days.

* if you're in the same boat, our Kieron is doing a very fine job of rounding up more affordable alternatives, in between getting TV shows optioned.

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Mordheim: City of the Damned

PS4, Xbox One, PC

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