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More Afjordable? War Of The Vikings Early Access

Viking 'Ell

Fatshark is hastily putting a final lick of paint onto the longboats, tightening the braids on their beards, and making sure all the fish has plenty of salt for the people who they hope will buy into Early Access of War of the Vikings on Steam. It's their follow-up to the generally well received War of the Roses, and as the title suggests, the battles here aren't over who gets the last Tangy Orange Creme, but instead about vikings with axes disagreeing with other vikings. I wonder how they'll come to terms over their differences?

How early is this access? Well, you'll be paying to play two game modes, Arena and Team Deathmatch, across four maps. You'll have three profiles, currently fixed so there's no beard customisation yet, and a pile of weaponry. Early Access grants the adopters a few perks, including bonus in-game currency and patterns for the most basic buy-in (on sale at £13.49), the middle tier (£20.69) adds art books, the soundtrack, unlocked patterns and a the first new character archetype DLC, while the top tier (for a ridiculous £90) adds all future content and a few unique bits of bling. I'd personally say that's too much to pay outright for a game, but then I remember how much I spent on Elite: Dangerous and shut up (it was more - the shame of it all!).

Here's what they're selling, and unsurprisingly it looks a lot like War of the Roses.

Did that do it for you? I'm downloading it right now to see if it's worth a write-up.

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War of the Roses


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