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More Of The Samorost: Screens From Samorost 3

Less challenge, more weird and wonderful environments to discover. That was the message I took from our interview with Amanita Design's Jakub Dvorský, at least as far as Samorost 3 is concerned. The previous games, which you can and should play right now (Samorost 1, Samorost 2) are tranquil and inventive, politely requesting that your brain pays attention to the beauty and strangeness of the environments rather than troubling itself too much with complex puzzles. The third game will be much larger and here are the first pictures showing a few of the places the space gnome will be visiting.

Yes, that's the same picture as the one at the top but with more stars. Perhaps if we identify the constellations we can work out where all of this oddness is and then fly there in a bird-powered bucket.

The pictures were actually extracted from a talk by Dvorský at the TEDxBrno Conference, so they're not entirely new but it's the first time a lot of people will be seeing them, including me when I saw them earlier at Indiegamemag.

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