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Morphies Law: Remorphed expands onto PC this month

Masster blaster

Morphies Law: Remorphed has appeared like a background extra on RPS over the past two years, with only fleeting glimpses of this strange multiplayer shooter where you exchange mass with other players. But here it is. The star of the show. The main playa. It’s arriving on PC on July 30th, so let’s see what this team-based shooter has to offer.

It’s basically this: you shoot someone and you grow, while they’ll shrink. The better you are, the more hulking you’ll become, while being surrounded by squeaky little enemies who now have a larger target to aim for. Individual limbs and body parts react to the damage, so you could have a thunking great thigh or a tiny bum depending on your relative aims. And with those morphs come movement altering effects, like making you top heavy. Each limb can also have a plugin attached that's affected by the limb's size, so the shield you can hook into your chest grows and shrinks according to your cup size.

It sounds like fun, though when it was released on Nintendo Switch last year there were a number of technical and implementation troubles that got in the way of the central mechanic. So it wasn't quite a mass-ter blaster, but it has that one compelling central idea and now has had some additional development time.

Remorphed will have crossplay with the Switch, so there's the chance it could launch with a community in place. I've poked around and spotted some hectic moments on Twitch (in rather sketchy resolution, so no linking), where shrinking and growing means accessing different parts of levels. They're really trying to make it into a coherent whole, with the gimmick altering how you interact with the levels as much as the other players. It still looked kind of clunky, but I wasn't put off in wanting to become an absolute unit. I can do clunky if it's at least different and will give it a couple of hours of my time when it lands on Steam later this month.

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Morphies Law

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