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Morrowind’s Tamriel Rebuilt mod now has as many quests as the base game and expansions

Its two massive new add-ons are three times bigger than Bloodmoon

Back in the day, I could get lost in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind for days, when I could get it to stop crashing anyway. There’s loads more Morrowind in 2022 than I could’ve imagined as a teenager though, as the Tamriel Rebuilt mod project has been working for decades to add other areas of the Elder Scrolls’ provincial mainland into the game. Their latest release, 22.11, landed this week, adding a huge one-two punch of expansions. You can see some of one of those, Dominions Of Dust, in the trailer below.

Tamriel Rebuilt's 22.11 release adds the Dominions Of Dust and Embers Of Empire expansions.

Dominions Of Dust chucks in a “sparsely inhabited and dangerous borderland” to the southwest of Morrowind’s island of Vvardfenfell. That’s being fought over by the great houses of Hlaalu and Redoran, although the Hlaalu do have tight hold of a large trading port on the Inner Sea called Andothren. The Embers Of Empire expansion, on the other hand, overhauls the western parts of the Telvanni peninsula that’s east of Vvardenfell. Those lands include the Imperial outposts of Firewatch and Helnim, the only substantial show of Imperial power in the region.

The team behind the Tamriel Rebuilt mod say that the areas these two expansions covered combined are three times bigger than Morrowind’s official Bloodmoon expansion. Dominions Of Dust and Embers Of Empire also add around 200 new or reworked quests, which makes the Rebuilt mod’s quest count up to par with the base game and all its expansions. Think it might take me at least another couple of decades to work through all that RPG.

Tamriel Rebuilt’s 22.11 build can be downloaded from the team’s site here. You’ll need a copy of Morrowind and the Bloodmoon and Tribunal expansions to play.

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