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Mortal Shell: How to fast travel

Skip the mist

Getting around Mortal Shell’s map isn’t easy. The world is often veiled in mist, forks in the road add to the confusion, and many paths look identical - plus, there’s no minimap to rely upon.

Thankfully there’s a way to teleport between all the Sister Genessas - she acts as a checkpoint if you’re new to the game - scattered around the world. This saves so much time and struggle, I’d highly recommend gaining the ability as soon as possible.

Below I’ll lay out how to unlock fast travel in Mortal Shell.

How to fast travel in Mortal Shell

To fast travel in Mortal Shell you’ll need to get hold of the Ornate Mask. It’s an item you’ll need to purchase from Sister Genessa which only becomes available once you've unlocked everything a Shell has to offer.

Upgrading Shells requires spending Tar and Glimpses when you chat with Sister Genessa. You’ll get hold of these currencies as you kill enemies, defeat bosses, and loot consumables from chests. Consumables like “Remnant of Tar” will grant you small boosts to your Tar total, while “Glimpse of X” will increase your Glimpse total. Even if you die, they’ll stay in your inventory. Just be sure not to let them go to waste, as you’ll kick yourself when you don’t quite have enough for that one upgrade.

Once you’ve maxed out a Shell, talk to Sister Genessa and you’ll be able to purchase the Ornate Mask from her for 30 Glimpses. It will always remain in her store, so there’s no rush.

To use the Ornate Mask, I’d recommend popping it into your hot bar for easy access, then just cycling to it with the scroll wheel when you need to teleport somewhere. Once you've got it selected, press Q and it’ll present you with a list of Sister Genessa locations you’ve visited previously. Finally, select the location you want to go to and you'll whizz over there. It cannot teleport you to locations you haven’t discovered.

If you've not managed to get hold of all the Shells in Mortal Shell, I'd highly recommend having a glance at my list of all shell locations. It links off to walkthroughs which'll help you find them all.

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