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Mortal Shell: Where To Find Eredrim's Shell

Eredrim is the tankiest Shell in Mortal Shell. In this guide I’ll explain where to find it.

Eredrim, the Venerable is one of four Shells in Mortal Shell. It’s the tankiest Shell out of the bunch, offering a massive bonus to your health, average Resolve, and very little Stamina to work with. Its strength lies in increased survivability, coupled with unlockable bonuses which will let you stagger enemies more easily, among many others.

Here’s where you can find Eredrim’s Shell and add it to your collection.

Where to find Eredrim’s Shell

Start from the hub area in Fallgrim. Head out the front door and head towards the cave entrance directly opposite you. Weave your way between the bear traps and proceed into the clearing. Turn right and head into the crawl space.

Once you’ve emerged on the other side, sprint past the campfire and take the path that leads straight on. It’s a lengthy run lined with archers, so do your best to dodge all the shots as you progress. Eventually the path will merge with another and you’ll see large rock formations all over the place. Follow the path round to the right, then swing a left just past the campfire to descend into the next area.

At the bottom of the slope look straight ahead and you’ll spot Eredrim’s Shell lying slumped against a rock. Interact with it to add it to your collection.

If you haven’t grabbed Tiel or Solomon’s Shells, make sure you nab them. They’re well worth it. If you're after one a bit tankier, Eredrim's will do the trick.

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Mortal Shell

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