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Among The Action: Krillbite Tease Mosaic In New Trailer

Playing 9-5

Whereas Among the Sleep explored the terrors of the world through the lens of a child, it seems Krillbite Studio's next venture, Mosaic [official site], aims to tackle themes of adulthood desperation and alienation by way of the 9-5 rat race. I say this with a degree of uncertainty as the Norwegian developers have kept pretty schtum with regards to exactly what their next project entails, however they have now revealed a short teaser trailer.

So what's it all about, then? Let's take a look:

Clear as mud? I think that's probably intentional at this stage given the secretive nature of the project so far.

When Pip first wrote about Mosaic, she likened the little we've seen so far, conceptually, to Molleindustria’s Every Day The Same Dream and I'd have to agree with her comparison. The surreal flashes that feature in the above trailer - courtesy of Bjørnar Frøyse's stunning artwork - also gave me vibes of Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club, while the overarching theme bears obvious similarities to The Stanley Parable.

Then again, I could be completely wrong. Speaking to Polygon, developers Krillbite stressed their desire to steer clear of the horror genre this time round for fear of being pigeonholed, and also suggested the game's story will have players questioning and requestioning its specifics as they delve further into its three hour long duration. "It's about being a small piece in this big machinery that you don't feel anything for," said Frøyse. "Games don't have to be a kind of escapism. They can leave you with something more than that."

Exactly what that means remains to be seen. Mosaic is due to launch in 2017.

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