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Feudal Fingerpainting: Mount&Blade 2's Level Editor

Our last post about Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord was one year and four days ago. That won't do at all. Oh look, here's a new video from developers TaleWorlds showing off some of the game's engine and its level editor. That's the level editor we hoi polloi will get to use too, creating our own huge landscapes and castles for sandbox feudal fun. It supports that pleasant MS Paint-style sweepy-draggy landscaping creation style, among other techniques, so even my crack at making a majestic forest might not end up looking like a foolish child's paint-splattered macaroni art.

Looking over the past year of dev blog posts, we also discover that the warring factions have a little more backstory in the sequel, siege battles are expanded, TaleWorlds are big on animation, hair is hairier, and people now have not only the faces of Eastenders comic relief characters but their emotional range too. And that's it. That's one year of development summed up for you.

TaleWorlds still haven't said when they'll be releasing M&B 2, the rotten teases. We haven't even had a proper look at the game, so it's probably a fair way off. Still, talk in this video of planning the new engine to support larger maps and "bigger, more complex battles" is encouraging. Have a watch:

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