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Mountain update pretties up our favourite pet rock

You're a pretty Mountain!

Back in 2014, we were all given a miniature Mountain [official site] of our own (or became mountains?). We were delighted as household items rained from the skies, days and weather passed, and our pet rock thought little thoughts. Then Graham murdered his mountain and suddenly we became hyper-aware of mortality. I took care of my own mountain for days but as its thoughts became darker and more confused, I worried its end might be near and... I have not visited it since. Well, today I met a new mountain, as creator David OReilly has launched a big update refreshing Mountain.

OReilly says that today's update brings changes including "better" mountain shapes, a makeover for art assets, new flora, more junk to fall from space, and performance improvements.

If the appearance of a crate (as one of the items falling from space) weren't proof enough that Mountain is a game, it now has Steam achievements. Even the most tedious video game conservative couldn't possibly argue with chee-chees. Associated cruft like trading cards and emoticons are now in the Steam version too.

The update is coming to non-Steam versions too, just without the Steam stuff.

For more on Mountain, read what we said when we named it one of our favourites of 2014 and Pip's thoughts on Mountainous mortality.

This Mountain update comes just ahead of the PC launch of Everything. OReilly's next game is about... everything, universe within universe within universe to explore from the scale of all sorts of elements and inhabitants. It's out on Windows and Mac tomorrow, following a PlayStation 4 launch in March.

My old Mountain? It never died. I wiped my drives when I bought a new laptop, and I only transfer data that rains from the clouds. That Mountain lives forever in uncertainty. I'm not sure I should've committed to the responsibilities of companionship with this new Mountain. But maybe, this time, I will find the beds floating out in deep space.

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