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Moving Pictures Of Mirror's Edge

I loves me some Mirror's Edge trailers, even if every time I post one I later find it's over 3000 years old, recently dug from an archaeological dig. Anyway, look, if it turns out there was some special meeting to which everyone was invited but me, where they showed these trailers to you and you all had an excellent time, and there was probably cake, and free balloons, and I imagine everyone got to do kissing, then you know what? Screw you. Screw you and your stupid private Mirror's Edge trailer screening parties. I've got other, better, more imaginary friends. Trailers below.

First up is a bit of story, telling us about Faith's training regime.

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And then, for fun, they've chopped up some video of Faith's antics interlaced with real-life actual proper people doing proper actual real-life jumping. It's from the World Freerun Championships held in the Roundhouse in London last month. And not held across the rooftops of Paris, like it should have been. Where are the roots, man?

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But you know what I like best about the Mirror's Edge trailers? The swooshy, bleepy phhwommm noises the DICE logo makes at the start. And yes, I'm okay with that. You should be too.

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