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Multiplayer Heroes & Generals Has Single-Player Missions

There's a bunch of fascination things going on in Heroes & Generals, which I now know about because John, Adam, and Jim have all posted excitedly about it. That's a lot of the RPS contingent excited about what appears to be a multiplayer WW2 FPS. What gives? It manages to excite and innovate with its strategic elements, bicycles, and, according to this developer diary, single-player missions.

There's talk of XP and levels, all of which we expect from a modern multiplayer shooter, and vehicles now carrying more players (so you can give a team mate a backie on the bike, and have parties on a tank), but the big addition is the reveal of single-player missions. They're set off according to elements of the on-going multiplayer fight, in this instance a moving assault team is being attacked by a fighter squadron, which starts off the 'Interdiction' mission in the list. The player that selects it has to find and bomb the train carrying the resources of the assault team. In this case, the player bombs the assault team's train, crippling them. I have visual proof.

It's more flavour to battles that already look fun. Battlefield's template taken on and refined instead of being embiggened. I'm keen to see if the team missions could be as reactive as the singular ones: it would make the ebb and flow of a battle all the more interesting if it was decoupled from the usual control points. I just signed up to the beta, and they're begging for you to do the same.

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