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MultiVersus’ new battle pass now has even more grind than before

You’ll need to build up twice the XP to complete the pass

Season 2 of Warner Bros. licensed brawler MultiVersus began last week, bringing with it a fresh battle pass for players to dig into. They’ll definitely be digging for a while too, because this season the amount of XP needed to complete the battle pass has nearly doubled. As MultiVersus tweeter and data miner LaisulMV noted, to complete the original Season 1 battle pass you’d need to accrue 47,650 XP to make it from Level 1 to Level 50. Season 2’s battle pass, on the other hand, requires a total of 87,450 XP. Levels 41-50 alone take almost as much effort as the first season’s entire battle pass, weighing in at 46,200 XP.

Marvin The Martian is MultiVersus's next fighter, landing today.

Devs Player First Games reworked MultiVersus’ battle pass for Season 2, adding rewards to every tier. They also adjusted the number of points in each tier so the battle pass feels, in their words, “both engaging and rewarding”. The XP required for each tier now roughly doubles every ten levels. Although some players seem happy enough to work through the pass over the three months Season 2 is expected to last, others took to the MultiVersus subreddit to express regret at forking out for it. There’s also been criticism of the battle pass for still not including any of the game’s Gleamium currency to allow players to pay for their next battle pass through play.

MultiVersus is adding yet another new fighter today with the arrival of Looney Tunes’ Marvin The Martian. Ed had some fun with MultiVersus back when the game launched into its seemingly unending open beta period earlier this year. He thought one of its strengths was being free. “Learn to cut through its barrage of boxes and cooldowns, and you're left with a cracking fighting game that's only going to evolve over the coming months,” he said.

MultiVersus is a free to play download from Steam and the Epic Games Store. Does it's battle pass make you very angry?

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