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Stranded Devs Release Teaser For Next Game: Murder

This. World. Is. Murder.

In what's becoming a weekend theme, I've found another teaser trailer that excites me despite little else to back it up. We do at least have more than a Greenlight page and nameless developer to go on this time. Murder is a cyberpunk point'n'click from Peter Moorhead and team, those behind Stranded which got the Cara-stamp-of-approval in February. Like their previous project, Murder is gorgeous, mysterious and slightly terrifying. Have a look below.

It's personal preference, obviously, but I love this edge-of-the-abyss style pre-apocalypse story. Obviously I don't know what Murder's endgame will be, but the moment just before everything goes wrong is fascinating. It's why the two part Second Renaissance story in The Animatrix is so much more interesting than the trilogy itself. It's why the opening chapters of World War Z and Robopocalypse are better than the latter halves of those books. Discovery, understanding and oncoming despair in one neat package.

Here's the official line on the game:

From the designer and artists behind "Stranded" comes a short story about
the intersection of morality and sentience, in a future where both have become commodities.

Follow the actions of Lietenant Motomeru Minori of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, on what quickly turns out to be a very unusual, very dangerous case.

They go on to say that Murder will be drawing inspiration from, among others, Akira and Ghost In The Shell for story and setting. Fullbright and Blendo Games are name-dropped as well, saying "Murder aims to bring engaging environmental storytelling and confident cinematic flair" in the style of those studios. I'm excited. Keep your eyes on the website for more info as development continues.

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