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Mushroom 11 Sprouts On October 15th

Eat yourself

Designer Itay Keren set out to create a game where the character you control never actually moves. The result is Mushroom 11 [official site], a puzzle-platformer about steering a mass of cells through a level by destroying those on one side to cause them to re-grow on the other. The game is now finally being released next month on October 15th - which, it turns out, is National Mushroom Day. Watch the launch trailer below.

Describing how Mushroom 11 works makes it sound more complicated than it actually is. In essence, you destroy to grow and grow to move. The trailer below does a good job of telling by showing, not only giving you plenty of glimpses of how you control your green glob, but the sorts of puzzles you can solve with it: growing your form around pegs in order to grip them to climb; using your self to fill holes to help rolling boulders cross them; or splitting yourself in two in order to press switches and squeeze through doors.

It looks smart and lovely, as it has every time we've since it over the past few years. The idea began as an entry to a game jam before picking up support from the Indie Fund in 2012.

We first wrote about the game when it was shown as part of 2013's Experimental Gameplay Workshop at GDC, alongside The Castle Doctrine, Miegakure, Versu and Starseed Pilgrim. Good company! I'm looking forward to playing the release version, especially after reading Alec's glowing preview from last year. Here's the trailer:

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