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Mutant Year Zero's Seed Of Evil expansion has set a moose loose

Don't call him an elk

Not enough games are sold on the premise of a good moose. A hypothetical listicle on "gaming's best meese" would probably just land you some insufferable hunting games, and Skyrim. They're proper giants in person. Absolute units. If I were to put together some sort of animal kingdom adventuring party, a moose would be right up there in the tank spot.

Mutant Year Zero's new expansion, Seed Of Evil, drops a corker of a moose in Big Khan. Oof, what a name. What a lad. What a moose.

The first expansion for Mutant Year Zero is a big old question mark slapped on the base game's "The End". Things haven't quite wrapped up so tidy with Seed Of Evil, and you'll have to go back out into the wild, ducks and pigs in tow.

Seed Of Evil brings a new hero into the fray. The main moose himself, Big Khan's a heavy hitter, churning out critical hits faster than any Elk could hope. He comes with unique mutations Ground Pound and Flame Puke, which I have to imagine do exactly as advertised.

Following a proud tradition of setting your first expansion pack in winter, everything's a bit chillier now. There's a new flowery threat to the world (sorry, "Ark"), adding a chunk of new story content and conveniently scaling up all the nasties out in the wild. It's all more of what you'd expect, in new locations, fighting new foes, infecting your crew with new mutations.

Alec was quite fond of Mutant Year Zero in his review, calling it a "smart, powerful and atmospheric" XCOM-like that combines the best of Firaxis' tactics, STALKER's setting, and ducks. If you liked it as much as he did, Seed Of Evil is probably worth a bash.

Mutant Year Zero: Seed Of Evil is out now for £13/€15/$15 on Steam and GOG.

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