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My Anti-Heroine: Diablo III's Wizard Isn't Very Nice

Heroes are generally, you know, heroic. They ride gleaming stallions while flashing their gleaming smiles and riding off into the gleaming sunset. They gleam a lot, I guess, is what I'm saying. Diablo III's wizard, on the other hand, is kind of terrifying. She takes a certain sadistic glee in blowing her enemies to bloody ice chunks, which is something well-adjusted human beings only do on very special occasions. Fortunately, she also looks wicked fun to play, what with all her time-slowing and teleportation razzle-dazzle. Kind of takes the edge off potentially dooming the whole of human civilization by potentially going mad with power, don't you think? Descend into this post's nightmarish depths for a trailer. Go on now. It'll be fun!

It's out - ever more unbelievably the closer the day actually gets - on May 15. Alec will be in space or something that week, so he's very sad. The rest of us, though, fully plan to spend the time slaying demons and probably telling each other deeply personal secrets, so he'll just have to live with his bad, wrong choices that are bad and wrong. Well, that is, assuming our Internet connections hold u--

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