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Streetfighter Moo: The Cartoon Animal Fighting Game


I hope you're not expecting me to say something about bronies or other fans of pony-related cartoons and toys. People like all sorts of things, and that's OK. But I have got something to say about Them's Fighting Herds [official site], a fighting game heavily inspired by My Little Pony and made with the creator of Friendship Is Magic, which is that it looks wonderful.

As it doesn't have the MLP license there are, in fact, little to no ponies in this game, but there are a great many hoofed mammals (ungulates, donchanknow) who are styled to resemble the big eyes and cute haircuts of the deathless toyline, so I imagine it will be well-received by fans. And by non-fans - I mean, look at it:

It was originally an unofficial MLP game entitled Fighting Is Magic, but Hasbro put the smackdown on that, hence all the deers and llamas and things. Those are designed by Lauren Faust, creator of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and cheery DC comics cartoon Super Best Friends Forever. Developers Mane6 are primarily comprised of Friendship Is Magic fans, and it seems as though they're making things happen. Fandom is magic.

Them's Fighting Herds is after $436,000 on Indiegogo, and is currently about a quarter of the way there with 29 days to go. Even odds on making it, I'd say, depending on what proportion of the MLP fanbase want to fight things.

As well as the 2D fighting side, there's a top down, slightly Pokemonish hub world which, I suspect, will be a big draw in its own right. You can chat, challenge, spectate and show off your outfits in there, like Habbo Hotel for pony fans.

There's also a whole lot of lore about this world and why all these creatures are kicking seven bells out of each other, which is the point at which I back away slowly.

The fighting looks great, though.

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