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My Word Is Power: The Critter Chronicles

Not nearly enough people took notice of my review last week and bought adventure The Book Of Unwritten Tales. I mean, I can't prove that, but I'm assuming people didn't. People tend not to do things that are good for them. But during it, I made a wish. I said I wanted them to make a game based on one of the characters, Critter. A strange, pink... thing, that babbles in nonsense and is ludicrously adorable. Well, it turns out they are.

Clearly German gamers picked up on the same character, because Adventure Gamers report that developers KING Art have been working on a Critter spin-off, The Critter Chronicles, for a while now, the game due (in Germany) this month, with an English version hopefully early next year! So yes, this was happening long before I wrote that I wanted it, but I'm not saying my extraordinary powers are restricted by your petty linear chronology.

The game will tell the story of how Nate (BOUT's least appealing character, unfortunately) met Critter, after he crashed his airship into the creatures' homeland. The game will also feature an animal rights activist called Petra (see what they did there?), and baddy Munkus. You'll play as Nate for the first of the five chapters, and then take over Critter by the second, with the rest of the game having you swap between them.

There are tons more details over at AG, which read to me rather like giant spoiler stories, so be warned. And seriously, if you care about adventure games, get The Book Of Unwritten Tales. It's a very splendid thing, capturing the magic that has been missing from full-length point-n-clickers for so many years.

Right, so I got my game. But where's my cuddly Critter toy?

Oh, and have a (German) trailer:

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