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Nadeo Working On ShootMania: Storm + RPG QuestMania

Apparently all gaming news must now be released at 5.03pm, when I'm trying to make my tea. One of 900 emails that just arrived in the same minute includes news of ShootMania Storm, the new game from Nadeo, they of TrackMania fame. As the title somewhat suggests, it's an FPS, and as it doesn't, it's an online multiplayer that will apparently be made with the same ethos as their arcade racers. And it seems it's one of two new games from the team, the other being Questmania, their approach to an RPG. Blimey.

Absolutely nothing more seems to be known at this point, beyond that they intend to have editable maps, as part of the ManiaPlanet thingie that came with TrackMania 2. There's an open beta "scheduled for the coming months", and then the appeal that for more information we visit this site. Which contains absolutely no more information.

As it happens, the games have been known about by those who frequent the Nadeo forums, since 2010. But with scant details. Presumably we'll start seeing more now it's a bit more official.

So what do you expect from a shooter or an RPG by the TrackMania team? Certainly no wait to respawn, that's for sure as I'm hungry.

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