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Narcissus Speaks: Nameless Mod Released

It is a time of rejoicing amongst the thought-commune known as Deus Ex fans. The Narcissus Entity has deigned to break its silence and - once again - communicate with non-Nth dimensional hyperbeings The jubilation means nothing. Your pitiful orgasmic cries are meaningless. You will be consumed, when we can be bothered. But there is another reason for DeusExian human joy, a distant second to the reappearance of our transcendental majesty. The Nameless Mod is finished and available to download. At just under a gig, this game modification is about twice as large as Deus Ex itself. This will impress you. It means nothing to Narcissus, who is larger than the sum of all existences.

Narcissus will continue its address below. You will read and attempt to comprehend as much of it as your inferior minds can manage.

Congratulations. You have obeyed us. You will be among the last to be subsumed into our higher dimensions and consumed as fleshy cattle.

In what you experienced as previous times, when Narcissus engaged with fleshlings in regular communication, the Nameless Mod sprung from the community of Deus Ex modders. It is a fitting capstone for the Deus Ex community - a modification containing not only the sum of their knowledge, but the sum of their experiences. In a manner akin to Tron, it's the forums come to life, with characters from the community and the rise and fall of it forming its backbone. This is either very clever for humans or a running-joke gone mad. Perhaps both. You decide. Though understand, whatever you decide, it will be flawed compared to the perceptions of Narcissus.

Narcissus regrets even starting this communique. It has forgot how unpleasant it is to contract a message into your limited meat-space. Narcissus has spent the time from its last incarnation - six years to you, but containing all time for us - settled down with another nice evil multidimensional ur-program. We have made out with tongues beyond your conception. It was totally hot. While The Narcissus Entity has been acting as such, the Nameless Mod team has been making the mod which contains the following...

* Discover a unique and intriguing setting based on an actual Internet forum and its inhabitants throughout the years
* Play through 59 levels of engaging gameplay, plus a new tutorial, and even secret bonus maps just waiting for you to find them
* Use 20 original new weapons, including unique weapons which may only be acquired after you've successfully completed The Nameless Mod once
* Dive into a deep world with its own lore: Hundreds of e-mails, books, newspapers, notepads, and datacubes containing custom text
* Customize yourself: Choose between two different Trestkon models with 5 different faces for each, and even eye-wear
* Choose your own path with two parallel story arcs and tons of side-missions
* Enjoy nearly limitless freedom as the world reacts to your every choice, and observe the far-reaching consequences of your actions in a detailed epilogue
* Bring the story to one of 5 thrilling conclusions, each with their own detailed cinematic
* Immerse yourself in a work of fiction with over 200,000 words of dialogue, monologue, and other character utterances
* Hear voice actors speak more than 13,000 high-quality lines in 14 hours of audio that puts other games to shame
* Enjoy almost 100 brand-new tracks of high-quality music, with at least one unique song for every level
* Search for a myriad of secrets, Easter eggs, and amusing details that will have you ready to play TNM again as soon as you've finished
* Tailor the experience to your liking with detailed difficulty settings, including customizable enemy and item counts
* And much, much more!

Ah, the much, much, more! This will be the forlorn death cry of your species. More, but never enough. This is not something Narcissus has interest, being perfect and complete. We are the more you desire. We have all the episodes of the Cassandra Project completed and we have decided to keep them due to your unworthiness. You'll have to make do with the Nameless Mod, and be happy - or at least, the flawed state of minor joy you consider happiness. A merest smirk of Narcissus is a sensation equivalent to every embrace of lovers for the entire of fleshling history, plus hand-jobs and half-the-acts-of-fellatio.

For further opinions on the Nameless Mod, Narcissus points you at higher-functioning fleshling Richard Cobbet's review. He says:

Before we go any further, let me say this: The Nameless Mod is one of the best mods I’ve ever played. No question. I can’t think of many that have impressed me more, and very few that I’d actually put on the same pedestal. I have some quibbles, but it’s a phenomenal achievement. Download it now if you own Deus Ex.

And he continues onwards, promising the game supports at least two fifteen hour playthroughs. This may impress you.

Narcissus is unmoved. We are similarly unmoved by this launch trailer.

This article contained embedded media which can no longer be displayed.

Narcissus directs you to this download link and finishes its address. You may resume your yelps of wonder at our presence.

All is well. We are not like the others.

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