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Narrative kingdom simulator Yes, Your Grace launches in March

Heavy is the head that has an audience

The kingdoms I play in most management games are doomed, though that's most often a consequence of my poor management skills. In Yes, Your Grace, I'm convinced that the kingdom of Davern is meant for the ashes either way. You'll take over as king and spend part of your days approving or denying requests from your petitioners with your meager resources and the rest attempting to be a not too crappy dad to your three kids. Brave At Night have just announced that you'll be able to make your own poor kingdom-crashing choices in March.

I got to play in the beta version of Yes, Your Grace late last year and, like Alice Bee, I'm pretty sure it's one of the most exciting games of 2020. YYG has a sort of Game Of Thrones meets Reigns vibe where you're constantly trying to keep all of your competing interests at equilibrium but everything is a disaster anyway. I'll be shocked if there's no deadly wedding. That's a medieval drama law now.

You've only got so much money and food to go around and every one of your subjects (and family members) wants an allotment from the man with the crown. Some of them will outright lie to you, as I learned in the beta when I tried to kindly accept the share of profits offered to me by a peasant whose inn I invested in only to find out he'd totally fleeced me on the percentage. I made plenty of other mistakes in the first hour and eventually went back to try again. When I insisted on a higher cut from the same innkeeper, his operation went under and he blamed me for being greedy.

Similarly, one my daughters is miffed at the prospect of eventual marriage but it seems like she'll end up a bargaining chip in Davern's future no matter what kind of promises I make her. Heavy is the head and all.

Brave At Night have announced that their kingdom 'em up will launch on March 6th for £15.49/€16.79/$19.99. You can wishlist it on Steam until it's time to doom the kingdom yourself next month.

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