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Nascar Heat Evolution On Track For Release This Year

Doing oval time

When I was 18, I caught viral meningitis and was hospitalised for eight days. This was, as you might imagine, less than ideal, however a friend lent me his Gameboy Advance so as to help me combat my boredom. This is when I first discovered the multi-platform-spanning Nascar Heat series and even though the GBA iteration was pretty pants, it holds a special place in my heart.

There hasn't been a Nascar Heat game since 2002, however Monster Games - who made the original games - and publisher Dusenberry-Martin Racing have now announced Nascar Heat Evolution [official site], set to release on September 13.

Since EA dropped their exclusive Nascar license in 2009 - thus bringing an end to their once-annual series - stock car racing's videogame presence has since come courtesy of British outfit Eutechnyx. These games were however met with middling reviews due to their less than forgiving learning curves and when Dusenberry-Martin Racing grabbed the publishing reins last year, they made clear their intent to deliver a better quality Nascar series over the next few years.

"We have been working on NASCAR Heat Evolution for 18 months and are excited about what we have created," says Monster president Richard Garcia. "From day one, our goal has been to deliver a fun, engaging and realistic racing game designed for NASCAR fans."

Here's a very uninformative announcement trailer:

Interestingly, Nascar Heat Evolution's cover star - Carl Edwards - was chosen by way of a special promotion: he was the winner of Saturday's NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway and thus secured his mug on the game's cover and promo material. Neat.

Nascar Heat Evolution is due for release on September 13, 2016.

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