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Nate is leaving RPS, come say goodbye

Statham be with you

Every October, Nate disappears into a puff of smoke to be replaced by his good pal Ghoastus, the Roman ghost. Alas, his yearly ascent to higher realms has sadly come much earlier than expected this year, as today is Nate's last day at RPS - come say goodbye.

Nate joined RPS in April 2019 as our section editor, taking charge of reviews and features while also drastically improving our love and respect for all things aquatic. I'm not kidding when I say our team #welcometothecrabshow Slack channel will never be the same again.

After impressing us with his extensive review of all the Fallouts (5-75, in case you missed it) and taking us on an epic tour of Dwarf Fortress in his Basement Of Curiosity diary, Nate became our go-to for strategy, simulation and management games, and there's no one I trust more to tell me about the likes of Humankind, Company Of Heroes 3 and Oldworld than him.

He's also the person I can perpetually rely on to explore the deepest, darkest and weirdest corners of our hallowed pasttime, going where no other games writer dares to tread. He's written all sorts of wonderful things for us over the years, and there are too many to list here. In the last year alone, he's forced drifters to smoke crack and knife-fight a unicorn in Rimworld, conceived an entire Marvel parody series called Gordon's Galaxy, delivered hard hitting journalism about Lady Dimitrescu's height in penguins, created a nightmare zoo in Planet Zoo, and adapted the entire Handforth Parish Council saga into a video game to name just a few of them.

And let's not forget his magnum opus, A Complete And True History Of Jason Statham In Video Games, which you can view in full below at your leisure.

Aside from his impressive body of work, Nate's been instrumental in relaunching RPS' Electronic Wireless Show podcast, co-hosting the weekly pod (and producing his own bonus episodes for supporters) along with Alice Bee and Matthew (RPS in peace) and taking it from strength to strength. The good news is that Nate will be continuing his pod duties going forward, including his bonus Nate Files episodes, so you can continue to get your regular aural dose of his humourous bants and cavernous pit of lies on all your favourite podcast platforms.

That's not all, either. While most of Nate's newfound freedom will be taken up writing loads more of his excellent books, he'll still be making plenty of appearances on the site as a freelancer, and we're currently planning a cool new column for him to take on as part of all that. He did swear a blood oath with us, after all, in order to raise Ghoastus from the dead in the first place.

He'll be taking a small break in the immediate future - taking a well-deserved holiday while he gets stuck in with his book writing - but you can expect to see Nate and Ghoastus both return sometime in October.

In the meantime, please join me in wishing Nate all the best for the future by jumping into the comments below and sharing your favourite examples of his work.

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