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Nautical But Nice - Octodad: Dadliest Catch

I know what you're thinking. Not another game about grim men shooting each other in the future. However, Octodad: Dadliest Catch is actually the kickstarted sequel to Octodad, the tale of an octopus attempting to hide the tentacled truth of his being while living in suburbia with a wife and two children. There's a trailer now and some details on the plot, which involves a family trip to the local aquarium. That'll go well. If I ever stop enjoying the almost liquid collapse of Octodad as he attempts to brush the teeth he doesn't have or sentimentally caresses a family portrait, I'm convinced I will no longer be able to enjoy anything.

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You can download the song here and you probably should. The bit in the trailer with Octodad being stretched through cogs looked like it might be a 2d platforming section, or at least a 2d section. A 2d 'flopping and writing about in a confusion of limbs' section might be closer to the mark.

When I first saw Octodad I was a little afraid of him. Had he killed and replaced the human father? I harbored dark suspicions about the fellow, despite his dapper suit. Now, torn between family and fishdom, he fills me with sorrow. The casual carnage that he can cause, wrecking his entire house while trying to open a fridge or pick up a teddy bear, is a lesson for all of us who have ever had one drink too many, for when whiskey knocks the world sideways and the whole of existence falls off the edge of itself, we all become a little more like Octodad.

If you haven't played the original, rectify that sad fact immediately by downloading it now.

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