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Naval Gazing - Wargame: Red Dragon Trailers Still The Tops

Silence of the Loitering Attack Missile (LAM)

Wargame: Red Dragon is a large-scale strategy game in which you command imprisoned serial killer Hannibal Lecter as he assists in the creation of a wargame. The wargame is set in Asia during an alternate history 1980's in which the cold war ran hot, and is being designed by Will Graham, whose apparent empathic gifts are only functionally useful in the creation of boardgame rulesets when paired with a manipulative and violent psychopath.

While Graham attempts to make the best wargame possible, your role as Lecter is to subtly sabotage the design without being caught. Do you dare suggest a roll-to-move mechanic? Will Will Graham see through your introduction of a series of random miss-a-turn fail states? Why is the trailer mostly full of boats and jets and military warfare?

I wouldn't normally post so many trailers of a game like this - or any game, really - but each trailer for Wargame: Red Dragon makes me more excited than the last. I know I'll spend most of my time zoomed out to a strategy-layer from which it's possible to actually control the action, but Supreme Commander taught me that extreme zooms are there for those ultimate moments of victory and failure, during which you sit back and survey the havoc you've wreaked.

The game is due out in spring. I hope that means it's out soon, because I'm running out of concepts for these posts. Pretty soon I'll just be relating facts.

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