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Nearly a month on, Eugen Systems staff remain on strike

Not so sudden strike

Tensions remain high between a large percentage of Eugen Systems' (Steel Division, Wargame) developers and company management, as the strike that we reported on last month shows no sign of ending. In a lengthy statement released (and this time translated from French) via industry union site STJV, the developers involved detailed their growing list of grievances with the company, including the fact that it took two full weeks before management would even talk to their rebellious staff.

To clarify, it was two full weeks from the start of the strike - February 14th - that Eugen's management even brought up the possibility of communicating with their striking employees, although the company wouldn't have time in their busy schedule to hold a meeting until a full week after that. Even then, the company still outright denies the existence of many of the issues which have driven approximately half of the studio to protest, with only the unpaid wages issue being acknowledged in the slightest. Thusfar, none of the late wages have been paid, after requesting employees to re-invoice for their work.

Worse still, Eugen management have refused to set a date for any additional meetings. Maybe I'm not a great businessman, but I can't help but wonder if stonewalling nearly 50% of your own, highly experienced studio staff might not be the best approach in this situation. If the staff do return to the company, then they're not exactly going to be the most enthusiastic bunch, and if they do leave the company, then Eugen have just hemorrhaged a full half of their employees.

According to the striking staff, Eugen Management have also tried to blame the less-than-positive press the company has received on their staff, including spreading lies to the press. Management remains tight-lipped on what exactly is meant to be inaccurate in reports thus far.

At this point, it should be of little surprise that the staff on strike have set up a crowdfunding page to help keep roofs over heads and houses warm during this icy snap of weather. We'll be keeping a close eye on this one, and hoping for everyone involved that this is resolved soon and everyone can return to being paid for their work, and secure in the future of the company.

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